Water Treatment Products

Excalibur Residential Products

Whether you’re concerned about the purity of your drinking water, mineral and scale deposit buildups due to hard water, or unhealthy and offensive chemicals in your water, The Water Treatment Guy can help!

The Water Treatment Guy offers a complete line of water treatment solutions from Excalibur Water Systems, with the best warranties in the industry! 

Check out our products below and fill out our Contact Form if you need more information about our products or to receive a free quotation.

Acidic Water Neutralizing

Excalibur neutralizing filter

Arsenic Removal

Excalibur arsenic filter

Chemical Removal Filters

Excalibur chlorine & chemical filter

Chlorine & Peroxide Disinfection

Excalibur chlorination disinfection system

Iron, Sulphur & Manganese Removal

Excalibur premium zentec hybrid capsulate chemical free filter

Iron, Sulphur BACTERIA Removal

excalibur ozone premium filter

LEAD Removal

Excalibur lead filter

Nitrates Removal

Excalibur nitrates filter

Premium Whole House Filter

Excalibur premium whole house filter

Replacement Filter Cartridges & Housings

Jumbo filter housings

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Excalibur 5-stage reverse osmosis system


Excalibur turbidity filter

Soft-Tec® Scale Control

Excalibur soft-tec premium scale control system

TanninS Removal

Excalibur tannins filter

Ultraviolet Sterilizers

Excalibur premium ultraviolet system mini-rack

Uranium Removal

Excalibur uranium filter

Water Softeners

Excalibur chlor-a-soft softener/filter
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