Neutralizing Filter

Eliminates pipe and fitting corrosion which results in staining of plumbing fixtures.

Acidic water causes low PH, pin hole leaks from corrosion and damages household plumbing systems leaving blue/green stains on your plumbing fixtures. Excalibur Water Systems can eliminate corrosion of copper, and galvanized pipe and fittings, plumbing fixtures and appliances while simultaneously stopping pin hole leaks and preventing staining of fixtures with the Excalibur Neutralizing Filter.


  • Fully automatic backwashable neutralizing filter
  • 12 volt transformer that utilizes minimal power consumption less than $3.00 per year
  • Raises PH from 5.5 to neutral eliminating acidic water
  • Electronic control valve has high flow capacity to satisfy any water demand
  • Patented filter distributor that uses 30% less water during backwash reducing water consumption to drain
  • Chemical free system
  • Bypass valve for easy installation and service
  • Neutralizing media to be replenished annually to maintain acid free water
  • 10 year warranty





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