Kingston 1000 Islands Boat Cruise

Kingston 1000 Islands

Taking a Kingston’s 1000 Island Boat Cruise is a fabulous introduction to the region’s heritage, natural beauty, and unique sights. Cruises depart from the downtown Kingston dock daily, and they offer a fantastic variety of tours. They have three different boats, each with its own style and charm; some cruises also provide live entertainment. 

The first ship is a 200 passenger glass-top vessel, The Island Star, which tours the islands while guests enjoy a mouth-watering lunch or dinner. The second is The Island Queen, which seats 300 and is a Mississippi paddle-wheeler. It takes passengers on a 3-hour “Heart of the Island” cruise, highlighting the small cottage islands, extravagant mansions such as Mandalay Mansion, and Kingston’s historical sights. The third vessel, The Island Bell, is a replica St. Lawrence steamer that carries 150 visitors on a 90 minute “Discovery Cruise.” This tour is narrated by the living spirit of Sir John A. MacDonald, who was Canada’s first Prime Minister and a Kingston resident.

The Thousand Islands are a spectacular attraction with over 1864 in the St. Lawrence River that borders both the United States and Canada. The Islands hold a mystical reputation as they are home to lighthouses, secluded beaches, and even a few castles. The smallest island has only one tree, but the most extensive island stretches 50 square miles.

The thousand Islands cruises are a fantastic family destination. With over 8,000 acres, they provide over 30 miles of picturesque walking trails and are open all year round. They also offer great hiking, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

The area is rich with Canada’s history, and a Thousand Island Cruise takes advantage of sightseeing in the region’s natural outdoor beauty. Thousand Islands National Park comprises over 20 small islands and is one of Canada’s oldest National Parks. Wildlife commonly sighted include great blue herons, eagles, map turtles, ospreys, white-tailed deer, and minke whales. The Park offers overnight stays in its amazingly scenic campground. If camping is not for you, there is a vast assortment of accommodations available in Kingston.

For the super adventure seekers, you can rent a kayak and paddle through the Islands on your own or with a tour. For the even more adventurous, try the white water rafting tours.

With over a dozen wrecks at the bottom of the River, some of the best freshwater diving in the world makes the Thousand Islands a world-class diving destination. Thanks to algae-eating zebra mussels, the region’s water is remarkably clear. Diving tours and lessons are available for all levels, including beginners.

Take a trip to Boldt Castle and explore its elegance; tours run from May to October. There are other castles and mansions to explore through the Islands. Another unique destination is the Antique Boat Museum which provides an excellent maritime history of the region. Many tales are told of the history of bootleggers and pirates in the area. Discover Lake of the Isles, a secluded spot cut off from the rest of the St. Lawrence River and only a narrow passageway in or out. 

Highly recommended is a trip to the grand Thousand Island Playhouse. It is known to hold one of the top 5 theatre festivals in Ontario and keeps a very active show schedule. With most of its shows written by Canadian writers, visitors will experience true Canadian talent.

Kingston Thousand Island Boat Cruises are like taking a bunch of sightseeing tours together all at once. They offer historical narration, tour guides, tours with amazingly prepared lunch or dinners, live entertainment, and a plethora of natural and historical sightseeing. An all-around fantastic way to spend the day!

Check out Kingston Fort Henry which is in Kingston ON too.

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